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The Unlocking Over 50s Spend Conference Programme

Boost Profits With In-Depth Behavioural Insights & Engaging, On-Trend Digital & Channel Strategies To Unlock The Purchasing Power Of The Over 50s

Unravel The Latest Insights Into This Diverse Audience’s Behaviours, Spending, Digital, Social Media & Channel Habits For Best-In-Class Brand Engagement, Authentic Multi-Channel Comms & Accurate Segmentation & Targeting
A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, Museum Of London Docklands, London - 26th June 2019

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 Morning Chair's Opening Remarks
Charly Lester
Co-Founder & CMO


09.20 Understanding The Needs, Disposable Income, Behaviours & Spending Habits Of Over 50s Segments To Build Strong Marketing Personas & Maximise Brand Engagement Through Relevant Messaging

  • Generate spend and profits by unravelling the true behaviours and habits of the over 50s and understanding insights behind what they need, say and do
  • With the average age of marketers well below this age bracket, how can organisations help their teams better understand this demographic and create more effective and empathetic marketing campaigns?
  • With so many multi-generational families, to what extent are grandparents the decision makers when it comes to purchasing and what marketing communications are most effective?

09.20 Perspective One
Helen Bass
Consumer Planning Director - Europe

09.40 Perspective Two
Chris Greenwood
Senior Tourism Insights Manager


10.00 Determining The Most Engaging Multi-Channel Mix To Ensure Cut Through To Different Demographic Personas & Consistently Reach Your Audiences

  • With so many different communications channels available, how can organisations better understand which achieve the most cut through with various 50+ audiences and the relevancy and success of different channels?
  • Offline communications still resonate strongly with portions of this audience, so what tactics ensure you see verifiable ROI on offline campaigns?
  • Align your marketing strategy as closely to true media habits of this demographic for impactful, direct communications and join the dots of your multi-channel targeting for increased spend

Henrietta Hearth
Senior Brand Manager - Decléor & Carita Skincare

L’Oréal UK & I

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10.50 Investigating The Latest Trends & Habits In Over 50s Digital Behaviours For Accurate Targeting Within This Diverse Audience

  • Maximise digital marketing spend with in-depth insights into the digital habits of the over 50s
  • Exploring the digital mix most popular with 50+ demographics to increase accessibility, spend and engagement and reach a wider audience
  • As the demographic driving the purchasing of home hubs and voice technology, how can the potential of voice search be unlocked?

Fabian Tiefenbacher
E-Commerce Manager UK Hotels

Dorchester Collection

Peter Stocks
Senior Global Brand Manager


Rob Savin
Head of Digital Marketing

Co-op Funeral & Life Planning

Ellie Mickleburgh
Marketing Director


Karen Cullen
Head of Marketing UK

Yardley of London Ltd


11.20 Next-Level Social Media Strategies: Translate Behavioural Insights Into Bespoke Content, Platform Selection & Social Media Usage To Engage Your Target Audience & Boost Revenue

  • Creating effective marketing communications that make best use of different social media platforms and maximise profitability across them
  • Facebook’s demographics have dramatically changed in the last few years, so how can marketers continue to create successful campaigns and adverts aimed at mature users?
  • How can organisations attract influencers to their products and create brand advocacy on social media within a group where word of mouth still carries significant value

Liesa Stecher
Global Brand Manager

11.40 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


12.10 Creating Engaging Content & Authentic Communications For Mature Audiences To Generate Best-In-Class Brand Engagement & Unlock Spending

  • Drive decision making and purchasing with compelling content, imagery and communications
  • Best-practice inspiration and ideas to create content and communications that truly resonate with personas in this demographic and create brand engagement with over 50s
  • Nothing ensures a campaign’s failure more than patronising this demographic, so what steps can be taken to create insight-led marketing strategies which hit the mark with older consumers and avoid the pitfalls of clichés?

Samantha Haycock
Head of Brand

20th Century Fox UK

12.30 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) International Audiences:
Henrietta Hearth
Senior Brand Manager - Decléor & Carita Skincare
L’Oréal UK & I

B) Brexit Impacts:
Seamus McCauley
Holiday Extras

C) NPD D) Luxury E) Retirement Insights F) Brand Loyalty

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Malcolm Bell
Chief Executive



13.40 Relevant & Accurate Over 50s Segmentation To Create Engaging Content & Drive Revenue

  • How can organisations use consumer profiles and other tactics to create stronger segmentation and deeper authenticity in their marketing campaigns?
  • Age is just a number! With so many factors affecting spending habits, how can organisations best segment by behaviours to ensure your communications are getting through to your target audience?
  • With such a wide variety of social media and digital behaviours shown by the over 50s, how can organisations optimise segmentation across multi-channel strategies?

13.40 Perspective One:
Claire Pilcher
Head of Marketing & Supporter Engagement (Legacies)
Cancer Research UK

14.00 Perspective Two:
Laura Clark
Head of Marketing Delivery


14.20 Exploring How To Engage A Younger Consumer & Create A Future Pipeline Of Customers Without Alienating Core Demographics

  • Best-practice advice on how to avoid alienating an older customer base when integrating marketing to a younger audience into your future planning strategy
  • With the UK population aging, what can businesses do to ensure they are marketing to young people effectively and engaging them to create a brand profile that resonates with them throughout their lifetime?
  • The next generation of consumers are already showcasing different habits and behaviours, how can they be better understood to create a strong customer base for the future?

Matthew Hawes
Brand Director - The Balvenie, Monkey Shoulder & Drambuie

William Grant & Sons

Antoine Chapuy
Senior Marketing & PR Manager - Europe & Africa

Fox Networks Group

Patrick Osborne
Head of Customer Insights & Analysis

Jacqui Wilsher-Ellis
Head of Operations Beauty

14.50 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Defining The Spending Power Of The Over 50s Market & How Organisations Can Tap Into It Effectively

  • Clarifying the genuine purchasing power and scope of the over 50s market and insights into how they spend their money and time
  • How does the purchasing power of the over 50s change when looking overseas and how can marketers tap into this international spend?
  • Exploring how purchasing power changes across segments of this market and how factors such as retirement and employment can change spending habits


16.20 Improving Measurement Capabilities Ensure Accurate Reporting & Drive Revenue Through Profitable Channels

  • Best-practice advice on strengthening measurement of offline activities to ensure profitable channels are being kept open
  • Trust and integrity is key for this demographic, so how can organisations encourage trust in their online channels to improve measurement?
  • What can organisations do to improve measurement of telephone purchases and better understand what drives revenues for this demographic?

Chris Chapman
Senior Marketing Manager - Customer Strategy & Insight

16.40 Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.50 Official Close Of Conference